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Water color painting 28.5" X 18" by listed Texan artist Jodie Boren 1926, on paper, beautifully framed 46" X 35", triple matted, under glass, & signed. The artist has painted the horse and the man on a separate sheet and then inserted it in place--all done most professionaly--GUARANTEED AUTHENTICITY. A copy of the artist's letter, accompanying the work, verifies that it is his painting and work. Listed in many art reference books. For example see the write-up in Samuel's Contemporary Artists, where he states that Jodie Boren is a "Representational painter of peaceful, tranquil contemporary West in watercolor and oil." In his own words, Boren tells us that he paints four water colors to every oil. "It's pure expediency. I can satisfy three or four people with watercolors instead of only one with an oil. I paint over a hundred pictures a year to meet my commitments. What with travel and appearing at shows, watercolor is the only way I can do it." This is a colorful & masterful example of Boren's watercolor work. Ready to hang. The framing itself is worth hundreds of dollars. Please note the triple matting, including a stained wood trim piece and suede. Four inch thick cherry stained wood with gold trim. Large and impressive! Charming rural Southwest scene with horse, figures and house.The lucky buyer must arrange for pick-up or delivery. This is due to the large frame and glass on this painting. Of course, we will help all we can to accommodate the process of delivery. Colorado residents must pay applicable sales taxes. You may call 303-792-0900 or fax us at 303.792-0902, M-F, 9-5 Mountain time.

Excellent condition. No problems whatsoever. Colors are full and preserved under glass. Only after closest inspection did we find the inserted section of the painting. Actually, quite remarkable and another indication of the artist's hand at work. The edges of the inserted piece run along two fence posts, along the bottom of the house and through the lady's skirt. Really a fun conversation piece! Leads us to believe that the artist himself chose the framing and matting. Perfectly packaged and ready to enjoy.

Artist's Biography:
Jodie Boren worked his whole life as an artist, including 20 years with Hallmark Cards. Featured in Southwest Art, October, 1977, his 1982 Christmas card was Leanin' Tree's most popular of 160 designs, selling 200,000 units.