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Jules Dubois 1864-1957, Clippers At Sea

Accomplished & listed artist; Large antique oil painting


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Quite large antique oil painting on canvas.
50" X 30" by well-listed artist Jules Dubois 1864-1957, signed lower left, circa late 1800s.
The beautiful colors and the misting waves, tossed by rocks and wind, make this a lovely painting. Very presentable, no major damage or restoration. Just needed a face lift to come back to life!
Smaller paintings by this artist have sold for $1500-2500 in auction, but because of the condition issue, you can have this large antique painting for much less than a painting this size should cost.

Very good restored--ready to hang! We found the painting in an antique warehouse and with some water damage. Cleaned it and restored both the painting and the antique original frame 55.5" X 35.5"