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Rosalia Campo - "Strawberries"


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Beautifully framed oil painting on canvas, 24" X 18", handsomely framed 26 1/4" X 32 1/4", signed R. CAMPO, by accomplished Spanish artist Rosalia Campo Menendez 1928. Campo is listed in and her still-life paintings have always commanded solid prices at art galleries and auctions. These images were taken in full, direct sunlight in order to best reveal the texture and crystalline style of this painting. Some of the richness in background color was sacrificed in order to show you how remarkable the execution of this work is. Came from the collection of a long-time art collector in Colorado now in his eighties. Distinctively and unmistakably Campo.

Excellent condition--one tiny [less than 1/4" X 1/4"] area of restoration in the periphery. Ready to hang. Exhibition quality frame 26 1/4" X 32 1/4" also excellent. Luscious fruit in minimal relief on deeply colored background and pristine white pottery.