Persian Rugs

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Please note that Persian rugs, like diamonds, come in different levels of quality and several important factors determine the grade of each hand-woven Persian rug.

Make a solid investment in a hand-made Persian rug. Add the luxury and beauty of a genuine Persian rug and its art to your living spaces.

"Decoration of a room begins with a Persian rug." - Edagar Allan Poe

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8'3" X 5'6" Medallion Persian Bijar

$1500 [sold]

Stunningly beautiful Bijar carpet in the breathtaking "Herati" or fish design.

Rich, warm, wine red with darkest navy/black, ivory, olive and forest greens, sky blue and many more colors! Traditional color combination that has been the hallmark of fine carpets for hundreds of years. Neutral palette and pattern that works in any enviroment.

8'6" X 5'6" Persian Bakhtiari


Garden Panels Design Persain Bakhtiari rug. Hand-knotted and hand-woven in central west Iran.

Bakhtiari people have hand-woven their spectacular rugs for several centuries, and perhaps several thousand years.

Checkerboard floral field with garden, bird, and animal images.

8'8" X 5'9" Artsilk Kashmiri

$699 [sold]

400 KPSI

Colors: hot candy pink, black, khaki, tan, mauve, white, pistachio, grey, sky blue, mushroom, cocoa, and more.

9'1" X 5'5" Persian Kolyai

$775 [sold]

COLORS: black, ivory, crabberry, brown, cobalt, tomatoe red, wheat, rose, light brown, maroon, tan, evening blue.

Flowers, tents, and animal figures so pertinent to tribal life--the rug is also signed by the weave.

9'8" X 5'2" Persian Lori


DESIGN AND MOTIFS: Flowers, trees, tents, stars, vases, jugs, pottery, and animal figures so pertinent to tribal life.

COLORS: maroon, tangerine, warm black, emerald, periwinkle, chocolate, eggplant, carnelian, navy, brown.

9'6" X 5'11" Gray Mauve Chinese

$299 [sold]

Colors: Palest gray mauve with royal blue, darker mauve, tan, peach, wedgewood blue carved pile. Fringe are tea colored.

9'6" X 6'8" Persian Malayer


Lovely Persian Malayer rug from West Iran--the rug is about 30 years old, but clean and ready to use. Excellent condition.

9'6" X 6'9" Allover Persian Bakhtiari


Persian Bakhtiari rug from the 1970s but never used--like new condition!

Gorgeous repeating pattern is made up of the subtle contrast between red and maroon, bronze and fushcia, many greens, blues and a wheat.

9'7" X 6'4" Kashmiri Artsilk


Mercerized cotton pile on cotton foundation. Looks and feels like silk. 170 knots per square inch. In the design of a Persian.

9'10" X 6'5" Persian Tabriz


This exceptional carpet has plush pile and wool with a sheen. Durable, hardworking and substantial yet elegant and sophisticated.

COLORS: Royal blue, raspberry, tan, aqua marine, mocha, emerald, grey, brown, rose, charcoal, teal.

9'10" X 7'1" Antique Persian Lilihan


From the 1930s. Bijar design with the anchors at each end of the medallion.

Colors: dusty rose field, ivory, navy, sky blue, tan, chocolate brown, kelly green, taupe, peach, medium brown, black.

10'1" X 6'10" Antique Persian Bakhtiari


From the 1940s.

There are at least three colors of red in this rug--a true maroon, a tomato red and a cranberry--along with many other rich and warm colors.

10'2" X 6'9" Persian Kolyai


Semi-antique Persian Kolyai rug from 1950s West Iran.

COLORS: Cherry red, royal blue and lipstick pink meet the bronze, camel and cinnamon, with highlights of kelly green, dark brown and ivory.

10'2" X 8' Classical Art Deco Chinese


Colors: pink, salmon, navy, wedgewood, evening blue, taupe, dots of saffron, and camel leaves; Fringes are tea colored.

10'3" X 6'8" Persian Sarouk


Navy field with black abrash, carnelian red, persimmon, sky blue, ivory, rose, teal, royal blue, mocha brown, dark chocolate, saffron and more.

10'3" X 7' Persian Sarouk


Allover Herati or fish pattern with Sarouk palmette designs in the borders.

Colors: Golden wheat, rose, medium red, ivory, maroon, royal navy, cobalt, sky blue, aqua, and more!

10'4" X 6'8" Persian Nain with Silk Highlights


300 knots per square inch.

COLORS: Mushroom, brown, plum, sky blue, Persian blue, ivory, soft lemon, stone, indigo and jade.

10'4" X 8'3" Copper Chinese

$599 [sold]

Colors: Coppery brown with peach field. Carved pile in taupe, mocha, medium brown, wedgewood blue and midnight blue.

10'5" X 6'8" Persian Nain with Silk


Superfine 300+ KPSI Kork wool on cotton costruction with silk highlights!

COLORS: Mushroom onion skin, ivory, midnight blue, wedgewood, olive, garnet, chocolate brown, garnet and others.

10'5" X 6'10" GardenPanel Persian Bakhtiari


Hand-knotted Persian Bakhtiari from 1960s central Iran. Warm taupe, garnet red, plum brown, dark dusty mauve, dark chocolate, midnight blue, cobalt, and more.

10'7" X 6'9" Medallion Persian Bakhtiari


Circa 1950s but new. Classical center medallion design.

Colors: Warm brick red with teal green, hunter green, ivory, wheat, mocha, mushroom, rose, peach, royal blue and many more. Stylized floral motif.

10'7" X 7'6" New Persian Bijar


New finely woven hand-made Persian Bijar.

Wool on cotton construction. Fabulous Bijar wool--will last forevever.
Approximately 225 KPSI, 3/4" thick pile, and with leather straps for better placement. The traditional Bijar Golfarang design.

10'8" X 6'6" Persian Kashan


COLORS: cherry red, navy, ivory, Persian blue, saffron, lemon lime, yellow, lipstick, seafoam, etc.

10'8" X 7'2" Sage Persian Bijar

$3499 (sold)

Gol Farang, "Halvai"

Sage, sea foam and pistachio, with deep coral, Persian blue, dusty rose, butter, jade, bronze, medium brown and many other colors! Main border is deepest navy, almost black with gray and aqua.

10'9" X 7'2" Antique Persian Bakhtiari


Hand-knotted Persian Bakhtiari rug from central Iran. From the 1930s.

There are at least three colors of red in this rug--a true maroon, a tomato red and a cranberry--along with many other rich and warm colors.

10'10" X 8'10" GardenPanel Persian Bakhtiari


Hand-knotted Persian Bakhtiari rug from central Iran. From the 1960s. Wine red, royal, navy, charcoal, coral, rose, ivory, evening blue and more.