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Joan Miró, 1893-1983


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4 pages folded in two, each page 11" X 15", page one's title reads "Terres Nouvelles de Miro' et Artigas, par Andre' Pieyre de Mandiargues", then an article follows on this page 1, the rest of this article is on another page of these four pages and on the back of the litho, but it is paged # 8, on the back of the article page 1, is the photo of a pottery shop. We have no idea where this came from except that it came from a large collection of prints that we acquired en masse, and this is the only Miro print in the whole collection. The piece does not appear to be from a book--there are no staples, holes, stitches. It appears rather to be a folder, or perhaps a program that was used as a tribute.

Simply excellent condition; it is not signed or dated. The colors are bright and there are no creases.